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Azultel brings value, price and convenience to long distance customers in several countries. Our low-cost international calling rates are available in various formats to accommodate the needs of a wide variety  of consumers.

US Business and Residential Long Distance Plans

LLAMADA DIRECTA RECHARGE PLAN  is Azultel’s USA best pre-paid long distance plan, with the best  rates and  several features like ANI recognition for PIN Free calling, Smart Recharge service, International Roaming etc. NO CANCELLATION FEES & NO MINUTES EXPIRATION - Your account balance never expire use it  at your convenience without worrying about your money vanishing without you using it. FLEXIBILITY and CONVENIENCE- the plan was created to make your calling experience  easier, giving you the flexibility of calling  from any phone at  the same rates. SECURITY and ACCOUNTABILITY- You can call our customer service to receive information on every single call you make, the Date & Time of call, origination number, destination number, minutes used, and amount charged, so you know that you are never overcharged and pay only for the calls you make.
There are absolutely no monthly, activation, connection, cancellation fees, hidden charges or taxes associated with subscribing or using Llamada Directa Recharge Plan.
Go to the site is Azultel’s worldwide calling card site. Here you can browse, compare, and buy our calling cards in 3 simple clicks. You will receive your PIN and dialing instructions by e-mail. Register customers receive e-mail promotions with discounts. Go to the site

Go to the site

Go to the site

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