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Private Label Advantages

Azultel calling cards are a multi-dimensional marketing tool that can be customized on all aspects. Audio phone messages reinforce brand awareness, generate leads, build sales, and allow data collection. With a custom designed phone prompt, your message is reinforced every time a call is made.

  • Azultel cards deliver your message to your target audience efficiently.
  • Calling cards are a trusted communications medium that have become a way of life for millions of U.S. consumers and Ethic groups.
  • Customers keep your phone card in their wallet, looking at it several times as they make calls.
  • Stand alone or attached to a product.
  • Value giveaway at sporting events, malls, concerts, etc.
  • Increase effectiveness of your direct mailings.
  • Custom phone message speaks directly to your consumer on your exclusive 800 access number.
  • Designed and die-cut to match client specifications.
  • One-of-a-kind series or collectible.
Customized Card and details

  • Calling cards can be fully customized (size, shape, look, card quality, graphics, messages, etc.)
  • Face value on promotional cards can be any denomination
  • Packaging can include coupon or other informational inserts
  • Rates customized to meet your goals -- cards can be used to call over 230 countries worldwide
Customized Messages

  • Prior to every call, consumers can hear your personalized message which can be updated at any time
  • Consumers can be prompted to learn more information about your company or product, respond to a survey, or be reminded about a sweepstakes
  • Flexible "Voice Prompts" Can Promote Brand, Special Sales, Sweepstakes, Community Service, Events, Link to Surveys, Etc. And Can Be Targeted To Different Consumer Segments

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