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We are living in a world of continual change. The catchword is innovation. No sooner do new products appear on the market than they become outdated. Companies that fail to keep pace risk being left behind. As one of the leaders in the Americas telecommunications sector, Azultel is playing an active and significant role in shaping this change. Every day we help people move with the times. And in so doing we bring them closer together.
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 Privacy and Customer Security Policies

Internet Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of your personal information is Azultel #1 priority, and we want you to be aware of how we collect and handle information on our site.

When you visit, or we may collect the following information about your visit:

* Anonymous statistics collected as you browse the site
* Personal information you knowingly give us

For details about our general and Internet privacy policies, you may select from the topics to the left or search our privacy FAQs below:

Information Azultel Collects

What information does this Web site gather?
Azultel collects personal information such as name, address, and e-mail address, when you knowingly provide it to us. In addition, Azultel may collect other information provided by you, such as your credit card number, billing address, Social Security number (SSN) and date of birth, when you set up an online account or order service online. Our Web servers automatically collect statistical information about your visit such as pages visited and which browsers are used to visit our site. None of this information is associated with you as an individual (see information about cookies). We use these statistics to monitor our site's performance and to make it easier for you to use.

If you choose to use an available referral service to tell a friend about our site or a specific product or service, we will ask for your friend's name and e-mail address. We will then send your friend a one-time e-mail regarding our site or the featured product or service. Azultel uses this information for purposes of sending this one-time e-mail and tracking the success of the referral service.

What happens when I provide personal information on this Web site?
When you supply information for a specific purpose, such as online ordering of a Azultel service, we use the information for that purpose.
When you use our Web site to order services, we may use this individually identifiable information as we would if obtained in a non-electronic manner. Such information may include:

* Publishing your name, address, and phone number in our directories (unless you have requested a non-published or non-listed number)
* Evaluating your service needs and contacting you regarding additional services you may find useful
If the way we use personally identifiable information changes, Azultel will contact you via e-mail notifying you of this change and giving you the opportunity to opt out of such use.

What happens when I provide information on registration forms?
When you choose to register with or any other Azultel site, we request accurate contact information and preferences that help us better serve you. You will be able to choose if your contact information is used to send you company and product information, special offers, and in some cases, newsletters.

If you're a local Azultel phone service customer, you may be given the option to register a profile with us (limited to specific areas). We would then store your name, purchase history, and billing information to make it easier for you to shop and purchase from us in the future. Customers have access to their account information on their monthly bills or by establishing an account online.

Anytime you register with us you may:

* Elect not to receive (opt out) commercial e-mail messages. The primary purpose of these messages is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a Azultel product or service. At any time after the initial registration, you can opt out by selecting the opt-out cancel option in your profile within the application itself.
* Update your contact and personal information anytime by updating your account and your profile within the application. In order to improve your experience with us, we may decide to improve our site's ability to obtain information about users. We will update this privacy statement continually to ensure that you are aware of developments in this area.

Does Azultel sell or give my information to non-Azultel companies?
No. We do not sell or disclose individually identifiable information obtained online about our visitors to anyone outside of Azultel. The only exceptions to this rule are the following:

* If you specifically authorize Azultel to share your information with another company
* It is required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Web site
* Disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of customers, employees, or property
* Publishing your name, address, and phone number in our directories if you initiate your telephone service with us online (unless you have requested a non-published or non-listed number)

If you provide individually identifiable information at an event Azultel sponsors with another company, or if you register on a co-sponsored Web site, you may be providing the individually identifiable information to the co-sponsor. Review the privacy statement at the event or on the co-branded site to learn how the partner uses this information. Be assured that Azultel uses this information in accordance with this privacy policy.

On occasion, Azultel shares non-personally identifiable information with non-Azultel companies in order to assess the results of a promotion or event. This information is used in aggregate only, and does not contain any information that would personally identify you.

What does Azultel do with non-personally identifiable information collected automatically?
Azultel uses cookies to collect this type of information in order to enhance your online experience as follows:

* Ensure that you see the correct products and pricing applicable to the state in which you live
* Manage the number of ads that you see to avoid over-delivery of the same message
* Tailor an advertisement to better match your interests and preferences

What does Azultel do with personally identifiable information?
Personal information you voluntarily supply when obtaining information, purchasing products, or interacting with our advertising on is not shared for use outside Azultel. This information is Azultel proprietary data and is not available to any outside company in this personalized form. Should any changes be made in the way we use personally identifiable information, Azultel will contact you via e-mail notifying you of this change and give you the opportunity to choose to opt out of such use.

Does Azultel use the information provided online to profile its customers?
No. Azultel does not combine offline information about you with the online information that you provide on our Web site.

We have made it a requirement that you will be clearly notified at the time of online data collection for the purpose of consumer profiling. When your online purchase behavior is intended to be combined with offline information, this intent will be clearly stated. You will then have the ability to choose not to have that information combined.


Does this site send e-mail to site visitors?
Azultel strives to continuously improve our customers' online experience by providing them with the latest information about the benefits of Azultel's products and services and in other circumstances described below. We may provide this information in any number of ways, including e-mails to our customers and online visitors who have provided their e-mail addresses to Azultel. In addition, unless you have chosen to opt out from receiving e-mail messages from Azultel, Azultel may send e-mails to:

* Inform customers that their telephone bills are available for review online
* Conduct online surveys
* Provide marketing information about Azultel products and services
* Provide information to those who have voluntarily provided their e-mail addresses to third parties in order to receive promotional material

Moreover, in the following situations, Azultel reserves the right to communicate through e-mail with online users, including those who have opted out of receiving solicitation-based e-mails, to:

* Notify customers about service or product affecting changes
* Respond to an online user's e-mail
* Confirm transactions, orders, payments and registrations placed online
* Send information that a customer or potential customer has requested
* Provide emergency, security and online account maintenance information

Azultel supports and complies with all laws governing its e-mail communications and will update this policy as needed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Security Issues

How does Azultel protect my personal information?
We are committed to protecting the information you give us, so we implement the appropriate safeguards to do so. Any information that you give us is protected by a password with a minimum of six characters for added security. Within Azultel, your information is stored in password-protected, limited-access servers. Wherever possible, Azultel servers reside behind a corporate firewall that maintains tight controls on any access to the system from both our internal network and the Internet. Azultel uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to transmit sensitive information such as credit card numbers and SSN. SSL is a transport level technology for authentication and data encryption between a Web server and a Web browser. SSL sends data over the "socket" which is a secure channel at the connection layer.


What are cookies and why does Azultel use them?
A cookie is a small data string our server writes to your hard drive. This data string contains your unique user ID for our Web site. This technology also allows us to customize your experiences when you visit the Azultel Web site. For example, we're able to deliver content specific to your interests, keep track of your online ordering and alert you to new products or money saving opportunities based on your current services.

What information is collected by the site or in cookies?
Azultel collects non-personally identifiable information regarding your visit, usually in the form of cookies, log files, or clear .gif files. Cookies contain a session identification number that our systems use to recall previous authentication or order information from our servers. We may also collect your domain name, IP address, the address of the last URL you visited prior to coming to our Web site, and your browser and platform type. We use third party tracking services to help us analyze this information in the aggregate to evaluate the effectiveness of our site. In some cases, the information is collected directly by the third party and in others it is forwarded by Azultel to the third party. The third party is not permitted to use the information for any other purpose.

How do I disable cookies on my browser?
It's important you know that a cookie cannot be used to access or otherwise compromise the data on your hard drive. Your privacy is always protected. However, at any time you may choose to change your browser settings to disable cookies if you do not want us to establish and maintain a unique user ID for you. Please be aware that cookies may be required to complete certain functions on this Web site, such as ordering online.

Online Advertising

What is Azultel's position regarding online advertising and third-party ad servers?
As an online advertiser, Azultel uses information supplied from third-party companies in several ways. This is aggregated data that does not personally identify any individual online user. This data is used to:

* Evaluate and prioritize site selection when developing online media plans
* Geographically target advertising
* Deliver product and pricing information applicable to the customer's state
* Gauge the effectiveness of our online advertising

Again, personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address is not collected unless you voluntarily supply this data in order to get further information about Azultel products and services.

Third-party advertising companies may also utilize technology in order to measure the effectiveness of ads. Some Azultel Web pages contain clear .gif files (also known as Web beacons), electronic images that allow the third party to collect anonymous information. This anonymous information about your visits to our site is used to provide advertisements about goods and services of potential interest to you. No personally identifiable information is collected during this process.

Whom do I contact if I am concerned, or have questions, about my Privacy at Azultel?

Please visit Contact Us.

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