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Azultel Wholesale Division

Making successful connections
Azultel Wholesale provides you with communication channels all over the Americas. We offer a wide variety of quality solutions tailored to your needs as a carrier, reseller, Internet, network or service provider. Around the corner or around the world we make sure that voice, images and data arrive in the right place at the right time.

Chaos is one way of expressing order
Communication knows no borders. With national territories losing relevance and liberalization taking hold everywhere, the marketplace is becoming increasingly global. But what may be perceived by some as chaos gives us the unique opportunity to demonstrate our know-how, innovation and expertise in a highly competitive, international environment. There is literally no corner of America that Azultel don't serve. Focused action for dynamic markets

Customer care is your concern. And ours
To tap the full potential of liberalized markets, choosing the right partner is crucial. In the final analysis, what matters is not simply to satisfy customer needs but to anticipate them. With our unique technical infrastructure, extensive carrier experience and know-how, we are very familiar with customer needs. Whether in America or abroad , Azultel's Wholesale can help you to deliver professional services and tap the potential of synergies.

Professional solutions pay off
When it comes to the transmission of voice, images or data, market demands are becoming increasingly complex. As competitive pressure builds up, the pace of change quickens. Those who want to stay ahead will need professional solutions to ensure long-term success. From basic services to specially tailored voice, data and networking solutions, Azultel Wholesale professionals deliver uncompromising quality and functionality.

Your best partner for effective connections
Azultel Wholesale delivers innovative and effective telecommunications services. In partnership with its customers, it develops tailored carrier products and services and drives them to commercial success. Underlying the delivery of quality is Azultel Wholesale?s international team of telecommunications specialists. They are committed to providing your customers with access to Azultel expertise and outstanding network infrastructure.

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