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We are living in a world of continual change. The catchword is innovation. No sooner do new products appear on the market than they become outdated. Companies that fail to keep pace risk being left behind. As one of the leaders in the Americas telecommunications sector, Azultel is playing an active and significant role in shaping this change. Every day we help people move with the times. And in so doing we bring them closer together.
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Founded in 2000, Azultel Inc, is one of the fastest growing carriers in the Americas. The company sells wholesale long distance voice services that are carried over the company's own global network, which transmits millions of minutes every day between more than 120 countries worldwide.

Azultel exchanges voice traffic with Tier One carriers in all corners of the world, providing reliable, rapid and scalable revenue streams from global traffic to terminating carriers and providing low cost, high quality call completion for global traffic from originating carriers.

Behind The Scenes

After over four years of commercial traffic exchange, Azultel has become one of the most important new comers in the global telecommunications industry. Comprising of approximately 120 employees, the company is led by a world-class management team. Together, the people of Azultel have made the company one of the telecommunications industry's most productive and efficient.

Deeply committed to providing carriers high levels of quality, service, and commercial value, Azultel has its headquarters strategically located in Miami, Florida, that is the hub of the Americas. Azultel has connections with carriers in over 40 countries and major facilities in two global telecom hub locations, Miami and New York.

Azultel began as an entrepreneurial-driven "start up" in 2000, and learning from the errors show by majority of the old telecommunications companies, it rapidly secure a strong and profitable position in the market, using new cutting edge technologies, while traditional carriers struggle to improve their balance sheets in order to change and adopt new technologies.

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